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As a professional photographer, I am concerned about misuse of my copyright. How will Two Bright Lights protect my images?

We believe that images are sacred. The images that you upload are always owned and managed by you, the photographer. You can control which vendors have access to your images and you will be automatically credited every single time one of your images is used in a piece of marketing collateral by a vendor. Additionally, misuse of copyright is explicitly prohibited under our terms of service and violators will be removed from our community.

I want to be able to download images for use on my website. Will Two Bright Lights allow me to do this?

Yes! You may download web-sized images and use them for marketing purposes. The Two Bright Lights' software makes it easy by automatically adding a photo credit to every image you download. However, if you re-crop the image for use on your website so that the photo credit is no longer visible, you must include a photo credit on your website. Failure to do so may result in your Two Bright Lights account being terminated.

I am vendor, not a photographer but I have collected images over the years from other photographers. May I upload these images to Two Bright Lights to include in my online portfolio?

Because of our commitment to preserving copyright, only images uploaded by the professional photographer who owns them are permitted.  However, you can invite photographers who are not already members of Two Bright Lights to join. They can upload the images you want and give you access to them by "associating" you with that wedding. Plus, you will get a free month of service every time a photographer or vendor that you invited joins the site.

I am a vendor, not photographer but I have images I shot myself. May I upload these images to Two Bright Lights to include in my online portfolio?

Unfortunately, no.  In order to protect copyright and guarantee editorial quality, we can only allow professional photographers to upload images.

I just uploaded a new wedding. Does a vendor have to be a member to access the images?

Yes, for the security of the photographer, the images are only available to Two Bright Lights' members AND only those vendors associated with a particular wedding will have access. When a photographer uploads a wedding, the vendors that are "attached" to the wedding are notified via email of image availability automatically by Two Bright Lights.

Can my competitors view my work?

Definitely not. Only the vendors who collaborated on a given wedding will have access to that wedding and you will be able to see clearly who those other vendors are.

I'd like to try it out before I commit. Is this possible?

Absolutely! We firmly believe that everyone should be able to test drive before they buy. A 30 day trial is available to everyone so check it out and see what you think!

Will there already be images online for me to view when I sign up?

It depends on whether photographers with whom you have worked with in the past are members of Two Bright Lights and whether they have associated you with weddings they have uploaded. In some cases, you will find that you already have images to view because photographers have identified you as someone with whom they have worked. In other cases, there might not be images available when you first sign on because the photographers have not associated you with weddings. You can search for weddings you have worked on to see if they have been uploaded to the system. If they have, you can send a message to the photographer requesting access to those images. It is also possible that the photographers with whom you have worked are not members of Two Bright Lights yet. In that case we encourage you to invite them to join. You will receive a free month for every photographer or vendor who joins based on your invitation.

I am not very tech-savvy and know nothing about software like Photoshop. Will I be able to use Two Bright Lights?

Yes! Two Bright Lights' tools are specifically designed to be easy and intuitive so that even the most technically challenged folks can create beautiful marketing collateral. But don't take our word for it—see for yourself with our free 30 day trial!

What kind of commitment do I have to make in order to be a member?

You can always try out Two Bright Lights for free for 30 days. Beyond that, you may choose a monthly membership or an annual membership (a 25% savings!) or a bi-annual membership (a 40% savings!).

Will I always have access to my images on Two Bright Lights?

As long as the photographer who uploaded your images remains a member of Two Bright Lights, you will have access to those images, provided you are associated with that wedding. To uphold our copyright protection policy, if a photographer cancels their membership, the images in your library owned by that photographer will be removed.  However, marketing materials that you have already created with those images will not be affected and available for continued use.

What is your technology platform?

Two Bright Light is proud to be "in the cloud!"   Our service runs within Amazon's cloud platform, Amazon AWS.  We use S3 for super secure storage and EC2 for exceptional computing performance.  Amazon's proven network infrastructure and datacenter system ensures that we deliver reliable service, which allows us to sleep peacefully at night.

Images courtesy of: Jessica Claire Photography
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