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Q & A

Q: As a professional photographer, I am concerned about misuse of my copyright. How will Two Bright Lights protect my images?

A: We believe that images are sacred. You can control which vendors and editors have access to your images and you will be credited when your images are used. Additionally, misuse of copyright is explicitly prohibited under our terms of service and violators will be removed from our community.

Q: I am not in the wedding industry. Will Two Bright Lights work for me?

A: Yes! Though Two Bright Lights did start in the wedding industry, we have expanded to many other categories including lifestyle, portraits, travel, fashion and more! Many of our members use Two Bright Lights to promote their non-wedding images.

Q: What are collaborators?

A: Collaborators are the professionals that help create the events photographers shoot. Collaborators include event planners, venues, florists, designers, videographers, entertainers, cake designers, makeup artists and more.

Q: I am not a photographer but I have images I shot myself. May I upload these images to Two Bright Lights?

A: Unfortunately, no. In order to protect copyright and guarantee editorial quality, we only allow professional photographers to upload images.

Q: As a collaborator, I have collected images from photographers. May I upload these images to Two Bright Lights?

A: Because of our commitment to preserving photographers' copyright, only images uploaded by the professional photographer who owns them are permitted. However, you can search to see what photographers you work with are already on Two Bright Lights or you can invite other photographers to upload images who will share them with you.

Q: Will there be images in my account for me to view when I sign up?

A: It depends on whether photographers have attached you to albums they have uploaded. If they have, there will be images available in your account in your albums tab. If you have received a notification that a photographer has shared images with you, but you do not see the images in your account please email us at And don't forget even if a photographer has not yet shared with you, you can always request that member photographers upload albums you have worked on together and you can invited photographers to join.

Two Bright Lights makes it a breeze to source and manage sensational content for your publication.
Q & A

Q: What other editors use Two Bright Lights?

A: There are over 500 publications who use Two Bright Lights to receive content for their publication. You can see some of these amazing publications by visiting our members page.

Q: I am interested in using Two Bright Lights to receive submissions for my publication. How do I do that?

A: Its simple! Simply click Sign-up above and then fill out our editorial application. We will review your publication and if you meet our requirements we will set you up as an editor right away.

Q: What are Two Bright Lights' requirements to become an editor?

A: Our requirements are:

  • - A history of publishing original image content, not just republishing content that was published elsewhere first.
  • - A history of giving photo credit as appropriate.
  • - At least 25,000 unique visitors (or circulation) per year (or projected to be).
  • - A dedicated page on how to submit content to you.
  • - A history of posting "real image content" such as real weddings, parties, family shoots, etc.

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